British diplomat says Trump scraps Iran nuclear deal to annoy Obama

British diplomat says Trump scraps Iran nuclear deal to annoy Obama

U.S. President, Donald Trump, scrapped the Iran nuclear deal, to spite his predecessor, Barack Obama, British media on Sunday quoted a leaked memo as saying.

The memo, written by Britain’s former ambassador to the United States,
Kim Darroch, said, the decision to abandon the Joint Comprehensive
Plan of Action (JCPOA) was a “diplomatic vandalism,” according to the
Mail newspaper.

“The administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism,
seemingly for ideological and personality reasons — it was Obama’s
deal,” Darroch wrote in a diplomatic telegram, in May, 2018.

The memo was written shortly after then British Foreign Secretary,
Boris Johnson’s trip to Washington, to persuade the White House to
stick with the nuclear deal, the newspaper said.

In the cable, Darroch indicated, there were splits among Trump’s
advisers and said, the White House lacked a “day-after” strategy on
what to do after the withdrawal from the JCPOA.

“Moreover, they can’t articulate any ‘day-after’ strategy; and
contacts with State Department this morning suggest no sort of plan
for reaching out to partners and allies, whether in Europe or the
region,” Darroch wrote.

The report came amid a growing diplomatic rift between the two allies.

Last week, the first batch of leaked memos published by British media
showed that Darroch described the Trump administration as “inept”,
“dysfunctional” and “faction riven,” prompting the ambassador’s
resignation from his role.

In an angry response on Twitter, Trump claimed Darroch was a “pompous
fool,” saying that, the United States “will no longer deal with him.”

The British authorities have launched an investigation to find the
person responsible for the leak. According to the Sunday Times, which
cited anonymous official sources, a suspect had been identified and
the case was related to a computer hack.– NNN-AGENCIES


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