SA-based businessman pledges more support for under privileged in Gwanda

SA-based businessman pledges more support for under privileged in Gwanda

GWANDA, (Ilanga) – South Africa based businessman and philanthropist, Stephen Dube has said he plans to continue sponsoring more underpriviledged children in Gwanda North constituency.

Dube launched a programme in which he buys school uniforms for underpriviledged children last year.

The programme saw 300 school children drawn from Shake Primary School and Datata Primary Schools benefitting.

He also pays school fees for some of them.

The businessman revealed in an exclusive with Ilanga last week after jetting into the country from his base in South Africa that he would continue sponsoring underpriviledged pupils in the two schools.

“That is a programme that is on-going. It feels good to see children happy and getting what they desire. Their aim is to become somebody better in life,” he said.

Dube said he hoped other business people would emulate the initiative and also sponsor those in need.

“There is need to rope in other people as well so that it is not only my programme but an all-inclusive programme that involves other businesspeople in the area as well,” he said.

Dube also exclusively revealed that he had been approached by Highlanders Football Club with a view to having him sponsor the football giants.

“The executive has approached me. We are still working out the modalities. Soon, we should be able to announce a concrete arrangement,” said the businessman who is a former footballer.

Dube owns several companies in neighbouring South Africa.

Last year, while addressing a gathering at Shake Primary School, which he attended in the 1970s, he said he felt compelled to help underpriviledged people as he grew up in relative poverty himself but had now managed to acquire wealth due to sheer hardwork.

He hails from Shake area under Chief Mbiko Masuku.

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2 thoughts on “SA-based businessman pledges more support for under privileged in Gwanda

  1. Inspirational! No words to thank you because children are our future! Greatly appreciated! God bless you

  2. God bless you Dube, really inspirational. My mother taught at Shake Primary for years! Thank you, homeboy!

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