Tourism sector shuns Matebeleland North Agric Show

Tourism sector shuns Matebeleland North Agric Show

Hwange, (Indonsakusa) – Although Matebeleland North province is the hub of the tourism industry in the country, tourism players in the province shunned the Matebeleland North Agricultural Show which ran from 7-10 August 2019.

The province boasts of five star hotels and world class luxurious lodges but none of these companies showed interest in exhibiting at the show.

The chairperson of the Hwange Show Society, Herbert Siansole urged the tourism players to be visible and support the show, pointing out that for the past two years there has not been any interest from these companies.

“The Zimbabwe National Park brings live wildlife to the show, yet it is not the only one in the tourism industry in Matebeleland North,” said Siansole.

The chairperson said it was necessary for the show society to rebrand the annual show in order to encourage provincial members to participate and get more exhibitors from all over the districts.

“The rebranding is in line with the devolution policy, it was also a way of encouraging other districts to fully participate in order to identify themselves in the province and add more exhibitors from various districts,” he said

However, Siansole said this year’s edition was different because for the first time in a long time there were exhibits of livestock as well as auctioning of cattle.

The show ran under the theme:“Empowering, Regenerating–Improving Livelihoods.”

Siansole encouraged Matebeleland North stakeholders to empower communities with projects which are progressive to help improve livelihoods.

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3 thoughts on “Tourism sector shuns Matebeleland North Agric Show

  1. do you know the difference between an agric show and a tourism expo? what do hotels have to do with an agric ?

  2. The buy in from the many tour operators situated in Vic falls can make for a thrilling Matebeland North Agric show. I can already envision Eco tourism packages being lined up for exhibition with exhibitors explaining the fundamental role each and every one of us has to play in preserving biodiversity, championing sustainable tourism and promoting Zimbabwe as a world of wonders.

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