Create own employment, Murwira tells teachers

Create own employment, Murwira tells teachers

Masvingo, (Masvingo Star) – Teachers in Zimbabwe have been urged to aspire to be part of an education industry and start their own schools and not just seek to be employed by others.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister, Professor Amon Murwira made the remarks at Masvingo Teachers’ College where over 438 new teaching graduates were presented with their diplomas in Early Childhood Development and General Teaching courses on Saturday.

“This country is full of opportunities only if you open your eyes. You do not look for employment but create it, let’s not leave the industry to non-teachers because you get people that (build) school(s) and use teachers. We want a teacher who goes the whole distance,” said Prof Murwira.

He said Zimbabweans leave the burden of starting schools to the government, councils, churches and some rich individuals yet the country does not have enough schools with many people still walking long distances to access them.

“We cannot say there is no work in a country which imports food, has roads with potholes, imports electricity and does not have enough water. We want a prosperous Zimbabwe built by its own people. We have to work and sweat,” he said.

Prof Murwira said the country had come up with an education system that conforms to international best practice but with unique and specific application and relevance to the country’s development and aspirations.

“We have designed an education system for Zimbabwe that produces knowledge and skills which must in turn do two things: support an existing industry that would have been made by the same education system or create or produce a new industry, he said. “We are determined to make sure that there is never a mismatch between the education output and the task requirements.”

He said while the Education 3.0 colonial system created employment seekers and concentrated on teaching, research and community service, post-independence education had added innovation and industrialization to become Education 5.0 design, which seeks to make Zimbabwe and Africa competitive and liberated from the Education 3.0 cage.

At the same time, the Heritage Philosophy was also adopted guided by the premise that an education system cannot be effective if it is practically removed from the environment it is supposed to transform.

“The cornerstone of heritage philosophy strength is that no country in this world ever developed by buying things but rather by selling (that) produced in its own environment. Although simple ecology tells us which crops grow well in Zimbabwe, which crops struggle to grow, if we develop an uncontrollable appetite for crops, fruits and juices that do not grow in Zimbabwe we will certainly be hungry,” said Prof Murwira.

“Thus, heritage based agricultural practices such as growing rapoko, millet and sorghum among others shall be one of the most important ways Zimbabwe can use to bolt out of the maize, wheat and foreign juice traps.
Heritage based education is our weapon for economic liberation.”

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