President Mnangagwa applauds resilient Zimbabweans

President Mnangagwa applauds resilient Zimbabweans

Harare(New Ziana) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday lauded Zimbabweans for their unwavering resilience in the face of hardships which his administration is addressing by implementing wide-ranging economic reforms.

The Second Republic, under the stewardship of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has targeted to transform Zimbabwe into an upper middle income economy by 2030, but to achieve this vision, the government has adopted austerity measures to undo years of economic mismanagement.

A number of belt tightening measures and reforms that have made life tough for citizens have been implemented under the “austerity for prosperity” mantra.

The government is optimistic of a new dawn and insists that the austerity measures, which have seen massive cuts in government spending, were necessary to bring back the economy on track, and grow it in the long run.

Addressing scores of people gathered at the National Heroes Acre for Heroes Day commemorations, President Mnangagwa acknowledged that Zimbabweans were going through tough times, but pleaded for time as the government worked on setting a strong foundation for a prosperous future.

He said the economic prosperity and progress being sought required dedicated effort, hard work and unflinching loyalty and patriotism.

“Allow me, on that note, to express my profound gratitude to all Zimbabweans for their patience and resilience often against incredible odds during this period of reform processes. These economic reforms are necessary to right size the economy and reset it for sustainable economic development,” he said.

“The austerity measures we have undertaken are certainly necessary to guarantee sustainable development and prosperity for our country. To desire quick fix manoeuvres neglecting fundamentals will be grossly dishonest and a betrayal to the future prospects of our children.”

He added: “I thus wish to thank all our people for their resilience and to further urge them to bear with us as we complete this crucial phase of our policy reforms.”

President Mnangagwa said going forward; government would implement several strategies to grow the economy including promoting growth in the agriculture and mining sectors, two of the main foreign exchange earners for the country.

He said the re-engagement programme and investment promotion drive would also be pursued vigorously to add impetus to the economic development agenda.

The tourism sector, he said, was also expected to contribute to economic growth through the expansion of the country’s tourism products while efforts would also be exerted on building robust transport, energy, water and sanitation infrastructure.

“In the mining sector we continue to receive investments by way of the expansion of existing projects, exploration, the opening up of new mines as well as beneficiation,” he said.

“Our efforts to turn around the economy will remain underpinned by a spirited campaign to eradicate the pervasive vice of corruption. As I have repeatedly stated, this campaign will be waged relentlessly and without fear or favour.”

President Mnangagwa added: “It is commendable that the newly reconstituted Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has embarked on its assignment with promising clarity and focus.”

He said government was also committed to funding social protection programmes to improve the quality of life of citizens.

He said quality, affordable and accessible public services were integral indicators in the quest to achieve vision 2030.

On the health front, for example, government with the help of the Indian and United Arab Emirates governments had embarked on a hospital modernisation programme to ensure quality and affordable health delivery services.

“To date we have re-equipped Central hospitals with equipment from India and the UAE,” he said.

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