Zim commemorates Heroes Day

Zim commemorates Heroes Day

Harare (New Ziana) – Thousands of people turned up at the National Heroes Acre in the capital, Harare on Monday to commemorate Heroes Day, a day set aside to pay tribute to the living and fallen heroes of Zimbabwe’s first and second liberation wars.

Addressing the gathering, President Mnangagwa said the day was a solemn reminder of the sacrifices by the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe in the quest to liberate the country from colonial bondage.

He said in honour of their resolute defiance against colonial oppression, their bravery should inspire the present generation to fight for a brighter future for the country.

“Let us honour their sacred sacrifice and rich heritage of gallantry they left for us by pledging to put our country first before self interest or self ambition,” he said.

“Let us vow to keep our land from foes, strengthened by the struggles and achievements of the past, conscious of what must be accomplished now and in the future.”
President Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to honour the heroes and heroines of the wars of independence by upholding peace and unity.

“The experience of war makes people value peace all the more. As such the defence of the peace and stability we enjoy today is paramount and must be undertaken with valour and vigilance. Violence, discord, disunity, hatred, divisions, discrimination, tribalism, regionalism and corruption must be rejected as having no place in the new Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Mutual respect, love, equality, peace, commitment loyalty, cooperation and harmony must now be the order of the day. These values are engraved in our nationhood and indeed are an indispensable trait in our DNA.”

President Mnangagwa said instead of violence, dialogue and constructive engagement should be promoted as it was the “centre-piece of national development.”

He said the Second Republic was determined to rekindle and permanently entrench dialogue as a way of dealing with national issues.

“The baton is now with us, we must not be found wanting in the present battle for economic progress and prosperity. We must run the good race, fight the good fight,” he said.

“God almighty gave us only one Zimbabwe and it is our duty and responsibility to build and prosper our country through both our words and deeds.”

He added; “Lest we forget, the Zimbabwe our heroes fought for and the one we want to see is without doubt one that is peaceful, united and prosperous, co-existing in harmony with its neighbours and all of the peace loving people of the world.”

President Mnangagwa pledged to continue protecting Zimbabwe’s independence, freedom, justice and democracy which the country’s heroes fought for.
This, he said, would be done by accelerating efforts to consolidate constitutionalism, the rule of law as well as strengthening institutions that support democracy.

“We will, with greater resolve, protect constitutionally enshrined rights, fully cognisant however of the fact that the enjoyment of such rights is not absolute,” he said.

“Under the Second Republic, my administration recognises that weak institutions and restricted access to justice will deprive opportunities to our people and undermine the delivery of public services and broader economic development.”

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