Uncle kills nephew over wife

Uncle kills nephew over wife

Masvingo (Masvingo Star) – A 41-year-old Murinye man was fatally stabbed by an uncle who suspected him of having an affair with his wife in what could be a case of failure by the local traditional leadership to act on the simmering dispute on time.

According to sources, Edmore Matambo died instantly after being stabbed three times on the cheek, neck and back with an Okapi knife by his 24-year-old uncle, Cephas Chimbuya of Charin’anga Village, Chief Murinye, Masvingo.

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 10 around 4pm following a misunderstanding that simmered for nearly two months during which Chimbuya literally hunted down his victim.

Sometime ago, Chimbuya started suspecting that Matambo was having an extra marital affair with his unnamed wife and reported the matter to Headman Chibwe’s traditional court which is lead by Samuel Matambo, (69), of Matambo Village, but the case was yet to be heard, a source said.

The delay by the traditional leadership to hear the case seemed to have offended Chimbuya who then vowed to stab Matambo and demonstrated his intentions by chasing Matambo whenever they met in the community. However, Matambo always managed to outrun Chimbuya to safety.

The source said the two men met on August 10 at a traditional beer drink at the homestead of Tecla Chabvuta, (75), of Matambo Village around 3pm. Chimbuya is then believed to have started monitoring Matambo’s movements as he drank beer from inside the kitchen hut while he was outside the hut.

Sensing danger after noticing that his movements were being monitored, at around 430pm, Matambo left the refuge of the kitchen hut the moment Chimbuya entered with the intention of buying beer and started walking towards his home which is about 300 metres from Chabvuta’s homestead.

When he noticed that Matambo had left the kitchen, Chimbuya quickly followed, jumped onto his bicycle and followed. He caught up with Matambo in a bush area before he could get to his homestead and stabbed him on the cheek, neck and back, killing him instantly.

Realising that he had killed Matambo, Chimbuya left his bicycle, a cellphone and sandles at the scene and ran away and his whereabouts are unknown.

Around 4.40pm, David Tumbude, (66), of Matambo Village who was coming from Chisiya Business Centre using the same path used by the deceased, saw Matambo’s body lying in a pool of blood and reported the matter to Matambo Village head, Diza Chiwawa, (68), who in turn reported the matter at a nearby police base.

The source said the police attended the scene and took Matambo’s body to Masvingo General Hospital Mortuary for post mortem.

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