Council forced to OK city bus termini

Council forced to OK city bus termini

Masvingo (Masvingo Star-New Ziana) – The Masvingo City Council appears to have lost the fight to stamp out the illegal public transport termini in the city centre, including the popular Croco Motors.

According to the latest minutes of the Public Works and Planning Committee whose recommendations were approved at the last full council meeting, the local authority has agreed to set up pick-up and drop-off zones at the illegal bus terminus at corner Bradburn and Industrial Road, commonly known as Croco Motors and proposed a similar set up at Welby Avenue.

Apparently noting the futility of trying to stop public transport vehicles from picking up and dropping off passengers at the illegal terminus, City Engineer, Tawanda Gozo proposed the setting up of a pick-up and drop-off point by erecting a boom gate as a revenue collection enforcement point and also to facilitate control of the buses.

But the Public Works and Planning Committee members expressed mixed feelings about the setting up of the terminus in the Central Business District, with some expressing fears that the idea would worsen the public transport system operations in the city.

The Acting Chamber Secretary, Vitalis Shonhai explained that the pick-up and drop off points in the City were no longer provided for in the council bye-laws, though they were necessary.

He said that in future the council may need to review the Council bye-laws on the public transport system.

The committee then agreed to introduce the pick-up and drop off point with a boom gate on a trial basis, and assess the situation afterwards.

It was emphasised that all buses would be required to produce proof of payment of bus rank fees at Mucheke Bus Terminus.

It was also agreed that a boom gate be set up at Welby Avenue pick-up and drop-off point.

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