Eleven year old kills school mate

Eleven year old kills school mate

Bikita (Masvingo Star-New Ziana) – In a shocking murder case, an 11-year-old boy from Bikita allegedly killed his 10-year-old uncle and school mate recently for not picking him up from home to go to school.

The boy, a student at Zengeya Primary School, got annoyed that his young uncle, Abel Chiba, did not pass through his home to call him up to go to school together.

He angrily confronted Chiba in his classroom for an explanation and, after not getting a satisfactory answer, picked up an iron bar and struck him once on the forehead.

Chiba bled profusely from a deep cut he sustained, and later lost consciousness.

The school took the injured boy to nearby Silveira Mission Hospital from where he was later transfered to Masvingo General Hospital due to the severity of the injury.

Chiba succumbed to the injury a day later in Masvingo, leading the school to report the crime to police.

The alleged murderer is in Grade five, and the victim, Grade three.

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