Gweru in diarrhoea scare after two deaths

Gweru in diarrhoea scare after two deaths

Gweru (New Ziana) –Gweru residents are living in fear following the death on Wednesday of two 17- year old boys from suspected diarrhoea in Mkoba 12 Infill.

Council public relations officer Vimbai Chingwaramuse confirmed that two people succumbed to a suspected diarrhea outbreak in Mkoba 12 Infill.

“We received information through our weekly disease surveillance from our local clinics that there were two deaths that occurred due to diarrhoeal infection,” she said.

City health inspectors are reported to be on the ground taking water samples.

“Our Health Rapid Response team is on the ground collecting still samples and water samples in Mkoba 12 Infill where these cases were reported. We’re still waiting for results which will guide us to know the exact problem,” said Chingwaramusee.

She urged residents in the affected area to visit the local clinics if they suspected diarrhoeal infections.

“We plead with all the residents to immediately visit clinics in case of diarrhoeal infections and also ensure they drink clean water from clean sources and eat thoroughly cooked food, as well as washing their hands after using the toilets,” she said.

In September 2018, Gweru was hit by an outbreak of typhoid which claimed at least ten lives and left thousands hospitalized, resulting in the local authority decommissioning some boreholes in Mkoba 20 high density surbub.

Residents are being urged to store drinking water in containers with small openings as they have less chance of contamination than buckets.

The residents are also being advised not to boil tap water as they would be removing the chlorine that is used to purify it but should always boil borehole water.

“Residents are encouraged to desist from using water from boreholes and wells as these could be contaminated but however, if they decide to use borehole water they should practice safe hygiene methods.”

“Stored water for drinking should not exceed 48 hours and residents should practice good hygiene,” said a local medical practitioner.

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