Zim prays for Covid-19 cure

Zim prays for Covid-19 cure

Harare, (New Ziana) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa and leaders of various religious denominations on Monday led the nation in prayer for a cure for Covid-19, and for guidance on how to minimise its impact on the nation.

President Mnangagwa last week set June 15 as the National Day of
Prayer and Fasting in the fight against the coronavirus which has
infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands globally.

Leaders from the Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Jewish faiths, among others,
turned up for the prayer day hosted by the Head of State and

Zimbabwe has in the past two weeks witnessed a surge in the number of
infections which now stand at 383, with 54 people having recovered and
four having died since the first case was recorded in the country at
the end of March.

Like elsewhere around the globe, Covid-19, which has no known cure, has
wrecked social and economic havoc in Zimbabwe, already reeling from
drought and western sanctions.

While government, with support from development partners, local
businesses and churches, has put in various initiatives to stop the
spread of the virus, President Mnangagwa said it was imperative that
the battle be taken to the spiritual level.

“We ask you (God)that you forgive our sins and heal our land, the
land of Zimbabwe, make this storm to cease, stop the advance of this
virus, and death which it carries,” President Mnangagwa prayed.

“We thank you that you gave us lead time to prepare against this
pandemic, but now Lord, grant us wisdom, show us the steps to take to
overcome this virus. We also ask that you show us the cure for this

Prayer after prayer, religious leaders committed the nation into the
hands of the Almighty and prayed against the spread of the Covid-19
and for government to have the wisdom to lead the nation in the battle
against the disease.

The leaders also lauded government for some of the drastic measures,
including the lockdown, which it had implemented in a bid to contain
the virus.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how fragile we are,” said a
representative of the Catholic Church Father Phillip Kembo.

“May the sick be strengthened and healed. For those who have healed,
we as a nation, thank you Lord.”

Family of God Church leader Apostle Andrew Wutawutanashe took the time
to appeal to western nations that have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe
to lift the embargo as it choked the nation’s ability to respond to
the virus.

These were imposed in opposition to the country’s land reforms, which
involved compulsory acquisition of excess white-owned farmland to resettle landless peasants.

A representative of the Islam community called on church leaders to
always set aside a day to pray for the country against the spread of

“We need to put our faith to action and ask the Creator for a cure,” he said.
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