President Mnangagwa warns enemies of progress

President Mnangagwa warns enemies of progress

Harare (New Ziana) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday warned economic and political saboteurs that their unwarranted plots to destabilise the country would not go on unchecked.

His warning comes in the wake of renewed attacks on the economy by currency speculators and profiteers who are bent on destroying the value of the Zimbabwean dollar.

Political manoeuvres by several local and foreign malcontents were also being employed to destabilise the country as part of a larger regime change agenda plot.

President Mnangagwa told mourners at the burial of late National Hero, Brigadier General Stanley Nleya (Rtd) that government was alive to these machinations.

“On the evident economic malpractices that are present in various forms, my government will never shy away from implementing policies and measures that ensure that honest workers of our country live honourably,” he said.

“We shall not allow a situation where our people live in chronic insecurity, lack and depravation. It has become apparent that in our midst there are wolves in sheep’s clothing, the end is coming.”

President Mnangagwa added: “Let us never be complacent, the war of today is neither guns nor bombs, the war against our economic prosperity is ongoing, rest assured that the enemies of progress, of the economic growth of our country will never win as long we remain united.”

He said the challenges confronting Zimbabwe were not insurmountable, and required every Zimbabwean to maintain a fighting spirit, similar to that exhibited by the late Nleya and other freedom fighters that fought against a relentless and superior enemy during the war of liberation.

He challenged Zimbabweans to draw inspiration from the living and fallen heroes of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation.

“As it was during the liberation struggle, our present journey to national development will have challenges, delays and detours. This era and history of our country calls for focus, discipline and unyielding resolve among our people.

“Like the liberators of yesteryear, and the likes of the late Comrade Stanley Nleya, let us never wonder off from the path towards economic prosperity as guided by our national vision towards 2030,” he said.
“Our gallant freedom fighters did not give up after the bombings of Freedom camp (in Zambia) or Chimoio camp (in Mozambique) they fought on, they struggled on, let us today equally fight on through consistent production and hard honest work. A better life for our people shall be realised.”

President Mnangagwa said peace and unity was the cornerstone to achieving a prosperous Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa described the late Nleya as a hardworking cadre, who was dedicated to the cause of his country until his death.

“The nation is indeed gradually losing its pioneering crop of freedom fighters that inspired and recruited many others who participated in the armed struggle for our national independence. Today as we lay Comrade Nleya to rest among his late comrades, I challenge us to ask ourselves individually and collectively the question, what is the role that I must play in building my country? What is the role that we must all play in building a brighter future for the next generations to come?”

“He trained freedom fighters to become a united force, to be patriotic, futuristic and never pessimistic despite all the setbacks faced during the protracted liberation armed struggle. He inculcated in them a culture of patriotism, hard work, integrity and honesty. The fact that we have some of the people he trained as senior commanders of our Zimbabwe Defence Forces is testimony of the late national heroes’ astuteness as an instructor and a mentor.

“I challenge all of us in leadership, all positions of influence, at whatever levels in the various sectors be it in industry, business and commerce, medical, legal and teaching fields, politics, religious and cultural arena, media and the sports sector, among others, to always strive to mould and mentor those that are around us to be dependable, to be honest, to be loyal and patriotic citizens of our motherland.”

President Mnangagwa added: “Let us all introspect and ask ourselves as leaders in our various fields if we can be counted on for the advancement of the cause of our nation. Can you, as businessmen and women, as civil servants of our nation be deployed to advance the present national development agenda? Are you dependable, can you put national interests and the interests of the majority ahead of your own interests? In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, can you be trusted to direct operations in the fight against the spread of the scourge?

“Can you be counted on to reject and expose practices which are contrary to the interests of the people? Learning from the life of the late comrade Nleya, our youth must utilise the empowerment and economic space that was created through the sacrifices of our departed heroes, they must grow our economy through hard work and productivity that will result in food self-sufficiency and increased exports of goods and services.”
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