Prophetess up for sexual assault

Prophetess up for sexual assault

Gweru, (New Ziana) – A Gweru prophetess has been arrested for allegedly sexually molesting a female member of her church, Pray Deliverance and Testimony Ministries International.

Twenty-nine year old Juliet Masakanire is the founder and pastor of the church, and is alleged to have sexually molested a 32 year old member of the church, according to police.

Midlands police provincial spokesman, inspector Joel Goko said in January, the prophetess offered temporary accommodation to the complainant, until she found her own.

The two ladies shared the same bed.

“During the same month whilst the duo were staying together, the accused person gave the complainant a prophecy that she was going to get married to a husband by the name Stanley Chinyonga,” Goko said.

“From the day of the prophecy and during the night, the accused person started to speak to the complainant in a male voice saying she was Stanley Chinyonga and wanted to marry her. The duo used to share the same bed,” he said.

Goko said on an unknown date in February, Masakanire woke up during the night and introduced herself to her room-mate as Stanley Chinyonga.

“She started kissing the complainant all over the body and caressing her.

The complainant tried to resist but was overpowered and pastor Masanakire (allegedly) went on top of her and inserted her fingers into her private parts,” he said.

She allegedly repeated the offence on four different occasions, warning the complainant not to report it to anyone or else she would not get married.

But on March 22, the woman informed her church mate, Ophelia Martha Nhari about the offence, and eventually let the church elders know about the issue.

This led to the prophetess’ arrest.
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