MDC formations tussle over HQ again

MDC formations tussle over HQ again

Harare, (New Ziana) –The MDC faction led by Thokozani Khupe on Monday took back control of the Morgan Tsvangirai House, formerly Harvest House, which youths from the rival one led by Nelson Chamisa had taken over on Sunday evening.

Khupe and her faction took over control of MRT House in June this year following a Supreme Court ruling which granted her interim leadership of the party, much to the disgruntlement of the MDC Alliance under Chamisa.

On Sunday evening, party youths belonging to the Chamisa camp claimed they had retaken the party HQ.

“We the young people of the Movement for Democratic Change (Harare province) united together to finish the people’s democratic revolution. As the first line of defence of the party, the vanguards of democracy and the custodians of the party and its future we have assumed all security duties of the party HQ MRT House,” read a statement released by the youths.

“This was necessitated by our realisation on the need to unite the people in the fight for a better Zimbabwe and defend the civilian space in the face of military state capture.”

The youths accused Khupe of having been captured by the ruling Zanu PF party.

But by midday Monday, the Khupe faction, armed with a court order, roped in the police to re-take control of the building.

“We note with concern the unlawful attempts to take over MRT by a sponsored group of unruly elements at the behest of the G40 sponsored Alliance outfit,” the Khupe faction said in a statement.

“The MDC – by operation of law have secured a court order. We reiterate that as constitutionalists we do not condone lawlessness and those found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.”

It said Chamisa had ascended to the helm of the party illegally, a decision upheld by the Supreme Court when the factions took each other to court.

“Nelson has failed to provide them warmth and they have now decided to troop back to their home through the backdoor,” the faction added.

“We welcome anybody that had been misled by Nelson and wants to come back. The failed attempt at taking over MRT House by a group of sponsored unruly youths smacks of yet another leadership coup by the Chamisa outfit.”
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