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Ali Velshi - Health care reform options

AC360 guest host Erica Hill speaks with Ali Velshi about possible avenues for health care reform.AC360 guest host Erica Hill speaks with Ali Velshi about possible avenues for health care reform. Integer eleifend porttitor ante; sed condimentum mauris vulputate sed. Etiam vitae ipsum nec est porttitor tempor ut vel nibh. Mauris sollicitudin semper turpis ornare fermentum. Phasellus viverra egestas scelerisque.

Showtime suggests better times ahead

exhibitors left the semiannual Showtime fabric show With fabric sales on an upswing, exhibitors left the semiannual Showtime fabric show here this week with the feeling that the upholstery industry has stabilized and is heading for better times. Fabric is the proverbial canary in the mineshaft, a harbinger of how the industry will do in the months ahead. According to several fabric executives, the gradual increase in orders has led upholstered furniture manufacturers to be more confident in projecting their fabric needs and some are even launching new programs. Several mill execs said traffic was strong in their showrooms, ahead of the past few Showtimes.

The sporting life of Tont Eldrick "Tiger" Woods

The sporting life of Tont Eldrick The sporting life of Tont Eldrick "Tiger" Woods is almost a legend. His father taught him to play golf when he was two. When he entered the professional golf circuit, at age 20, had a sponsorship from Nike worth $ 40 million (27 million). Over the years, Tiger has become an example, athlete's election, talented, millionaire, philanthropist and family man. But aside as few. During the last week, the world discovered that Tiger Woods

Health care reform and protests

President Jimmy Carter to declare that most of this protest was racial in nature.The Times editorial board praises President Obama for scrapping the missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, calling the program "immensely expensive technology that still doesn't work, designed for a threat that may never materialize." As various versions of health-care reform wend their contentious way around Washington, the board finds several weaknesses...

Radwanska win Eastbourne

The spoils... Agnieszka Radwanska.The 19-year-old ranked 14th joins elite company with Maria Sharapova and Sernea Williams, all with 2007 trophy hat-tricks. The lengthy victory in two hours and 37 minutes boosted the talented tenager to a perfect 3-0 in career finals after winning her first trophy in 2007 at Stockholm. In 2008 she has claimed the honours at Pattaya City and Istanbul before her first grass success at Devonshire park.

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