Only the sky is the limit for OK Zimbabwe Limited

By Maxwell Mapungwana
OK Zimbabwe Limited is the longest establishment chain in the country, having been in existence since 1942. The group has over 50 branches nationwide and analysis through supplier statistics indicates that the supermarket chain maintains its market share over the past years.
The group’s business mix has always been dominated by its supermarket lines, however it was also a major player in furniture retail until 2003 at which

Germany's Next Top Models

German top model Heidi Klum (2R) and models Hana (L), Barbara and Anni (R)German top model Heidi Klum (2R) and models Hana (L), Barbara and Anni (R), finalists of "Germany's Next Top Model" television show pose during a media presentation in Cologne. Sed aliquam neque vel arcu egestas ultrices. Suspendisse potenti. Curabitur tempor turpis sit amet velit lobortis id pharetra dui iaculis. Ut quis orci ligula, et blandit arcu. Nunc dui tellus, luctus in vehicula et, feugiat vitae enim. Aliquam et libero id leo malesuada auctor nec nec leo. Nunc elit felis, mollis id vulputate quis, ultrices eu neque. Donec ultricies iaculis lectus, eu dapibus erat sollicitudin convallis...