Over 9 000 returnees pass through quarantine centres

Over 9 000 returnees pass through quarantine centres

Harare (New Ziana)– At least 1 944 returnees are currently serving the mandatory 21 day quarantine period in special Covid-19 isolation centres throughout the country, the Ministry of Health and Child Care has said.

All returnees are subjected to mandatory testing and quarantine before they are discharged.

Some of the returnees are staying in government funded quarantine centres while those who can afford pay for their stay at designated hotels and lodges.

In an update, the Ministry of Health said to date, over 6 000 returnees had been discharged from various quarantine centres.

“Government is operating 43 quarantine centres, while private quarantine centres stand at 37 mainly in Harare. Total number of persons who have passed through these quarantine centres are 9 735 of which 6 801 have been discharged and current enrollment stands at 1 944,” it said.

The Ministry said following the increase in Covid-19 cases, it had scaled up awareness campaigns in communities.

Confirmed cases of the deadly Coronavirus in Zimbabwe have now breached the 500 mark, with new cases mainly being recorded amongst returning citizens.

At least 6 deaths and 64 recoveries have also been recorded.

“Surveillance has also been increased and attention is being paid to areas of high concentration, quarantine management and isolation centres.”

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