Zanu PF backs firing of health Minister


Harare (New Ziana)- The ruling Zanu-PF party on Saturday said it supported President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s decision to fire Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo after he was implicated in a Covid-19 procurement scandal.

The former minister is accused of allegedly authorising procurement of Covid-19 drugs and other consumables without following tender procedures.
Moyo was arrested last month, and is out on bail awaiting trial.

In a statement, ZANU PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa commended President Mnangagwa for ‘his boldness in walking the talk in the fight against corruption’.

“The decision by His Excellency , the President should serve as a stern warning to all those cadres whom the party has deployed to central government, local authorities and parastatals that in the discharge of their functions they should, like Ceaser’s wife, be beyond suspicion. They should at all times know that any whiff of corruption will cost them dearly because the President declared that there will be no sacred cows when it comes to fighting corruption,” he said.

Chinamasa urged the prosecution and finalisation of criminal charges for all those facing corruption charges.

“Equally of concern to the population is the prolonged and protracted nature of trials. This also leads to reputational damage to the administration of criminal justice.

“Zanu PF is therefore calling upon law enforcement agencies involved in the administration of justice namely the police, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, the Prosecutor General’s office and the judiciary to expedite the prosecution and finalisation of criminal charges, in particular, cases pertaining to corruption in line with the pronouncements made by the President on the Africa Anti-Corruption Day,” he said.

Moyo, who became the second minister to be arrested for alleged graft, is currently out on $50 000 bail.

He is alleged to have used his position to influence award of drugs and medical equipment supply tenders to public health institutions in favour of two companies – Papi Pharma and DraxInternational – disregarding procurements laws.

By allegedly facilitating the deals, Moyo is accused of having potentially prejudiced government of over US$30 million.

Moyo joins former Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Minister Prisca Mupfumira in having been arrested and fired for alleged graft.

She faces charges of corruption involving over US$90 million connected to the National Social Security Authority.

Mupfumira is out on bail.

Moyo will be back in court at the end of this month for the continuation of his trial.

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