Masvingo registers lone protestor


Masvingo (New Ziana) – Only a lone protestor heeded opposition calls for Friday marches against the government in Masvingo, and took to the streets.

But Henry Chivhanga of the little known Disability Amalgamation Community Trust was arrested by police as he headed into the city centre to protest.

He had protest messages about the deteriorating socio-economic situation, corruption and marginalisation of people living with disabilities emblazoned all over his clothing.

Chivhanga was taken to Masvingo Central Police Station for questioning.
The opposition had called the protests ostensibly against corruption, but police had banned them on security and health grounds.

Past similar protests fomented violence in which people were killed and injured, and property looted and destroyed.

On the health front, police feared the protests would spread Covid-19 as social distancing and other precautions would not be observed during the marches.

Other than the arrest of the lone protestor, Masvingo residents either stayed home or engaged in their day-to-day activities.

But both human and vehicular traffic was low in the city centre despite most businesses such as banks and shops opening.

New Ziana

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