Zimbabwe commemorates Heroes Day


Harare (New Ziana)-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday said under-utilised land identified through the audit would be re-allocated tonew farmers to stimulate production.

In his virtual 40th Heroes Day address, President Mnangagwa said the blood of those who fought for land should be honoured through maximum use of the land.

“Land was one of the major reasons the country’s gallant sons and daughters took up arms to fight for the liberation of our beloved country.

“The Second Republic under my administration continues to consolidate the gains of the revolution. We shall never betray the principles of the revolution. The blood of those who fought for our land shall forever be honoured through maximum use of our land.

“In this quest, my administration embarked on the First Phase of the Land Audit which has now been completed. Under-utilized land identified through the audit will be allocated in line with Government Policy,” he said.

To further stimulate production, a multi-pronged Agriculture Recovery Plan is being rolled out, said the President.

“This will result in increased productivity of maize, wheat, soya beans and traditional grains. Similarly, the implementation of the Pfumvudza Concept is progressing well and will see a transformation to food security at household level,” he said.

The President encouraged farmers to honour the lives of departed heroes by utilising available government platforms to improve productivity.

“Farmers are encouraged to honour the departed heroes by taking full advantage of the recapitalisation of the Command Agriculture programme, dam construction, irrigation development and mechanisation programmes which my administration is undertaking in partnership with the private sector. The setting of pre-planting producer prices as an incentive together with the Growth Plan must give impetus to our farmers to boost production and productivity,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said his administration continues to accelerate the consolidation of democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law.

“My administration therefore makes no apologies for fixing our systems across the socio, economic and political spectrum. Accountability and transparency will keep on being enforced in every facet of our society. The door to the old manner of doing things is closed. The corrupt way is shut and those who choose that route will face dire consequences,” he said.

He appealed to all Zimbabweans to remain united in the face of adversity such as sanctions imposed by the Western powers.

“Peace, unity, harmony and love are prerequisites for the achievement of our country’s prosperity and sustainable socio-economic development.

“We are forever grateful to our security service sector, which continue to protect our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said.

He said government would mount more statues of heroes and heroines of the first and second liberation struggle, to immortalise their sacrifices.

“Other heroes and heroines from the early wars of resistance will also be honoured in a similar manner. Among them, General Mtshane Khumalo, who commanded the Imbizo Regiment, under King Lobengula, that defeated the Allan Wilson Patrol at the Battle of Pupu on 10 December, 1893.

“Other distinguished heroes and heroines of the First Chimurenga/ Umvukhela such as Sekuru Kaguvi, Chaminuka, Mkwati, Queen Lozikeyi Khumalo, Chinengundu, Mashayamombe, Mgandani Dlodlo, Chiwashira, Muchecheterwa, Chingaira Makoni, and Mapondera, among others, will be accorded appropriate recognition.

“From the Second Chimurenga/ Umvukhela, the late General Josiah Magama Tongogara and General Alfred Nikita Mangena, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Cde Joshua Mqhabuko Nkomo and Cde Simon Vengesai Muzenda, among others, will also be honoured,” he said.

The Heroes Day commemoration was held virtually because Government made a conscious decision to set aside public events in light of the rocketing Covid-19 cases which currently stand at 4 649 including 104 deaths.

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