Brace for tight water rationing schedule: GCC


GWERU- The Gweru City Council (GCC) on Wednesday warned residents to brace for tighter water rationing due to a combination of technical faults and a drop in reserves.

GCC public and communication officer, Vimbai Chingwaramusee said the city’s main water source, Gwenoro dam is currently at 17 percent full, while Amapongobwe dam is at 38 percent.

“The City of Gweru would like to inform its valued residents about the invariable interruption of water supply currently experienced in the city. This is mainly due to technical faults at Gwenoro water works and leakages along our main lines from Gwenoro.

“Our technical team is on the ground trying to solve the problem.”
She said residents should brace for tight water rationing and use water sparingly.

“Gweru residents should brace themselves for a serious rationing schedule, more than what they are experiencing as our main water sources have greatly decreased.

“Currently raw water at Gwenoro is at plus or minus 17 percent and plus or minus 38 percent at Amapongobwe,” said Chingwaramusee.

Meanwhile, council is considering drilling boreholes and introducing water kiosks to mitigate the water challenges.

Currently the council is supplying most suburbs with running water for a maximum of two days a week with suburbs on high line not getting water at all because the city’s main supply dam is running dry.

The Commonwealth Local Government Forum drilled a borehole for a water kiosk for the local authority in Mkoba 14 extension.

Water kiosks are booths for the sale of tap water and are a common feature in many countries of the Sub-Saharan region.

Water kiosks exist, among other countries, in Cameroon, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia and are used to address water challenges at a commercial scale.
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