Hwange mining firm builds tarred road

Hwange mining firm builds tarred road

Hwange, (New Ziana) – Zimbabwe Zhong Xing Coking Company (ZZCC) has started building a tarred road in Ward 20 in Hwange to ease the problem of dust pollution for villagers in the area, an official said on Thursday.

The construction of the tarred road, at a cost of $2.5 million, is also expected to improve accessibility of Ward 20 villages, a major source of vegetables to Hwange town.

In an interview, Ward 20 councillor, Bakani Kwidini expressed gratitude for the construction of the road to the area, which is 15 kilometres from Hwange town.

“We appreciate such work from ZZCC, it was high time most companies ploughed back to the respective communities,” he said.

He appealed to all mining companies operating in the area to consider employing local people more, and contribute to other community development projects.

“Other companies should take a leaf from ZZCC and help in the development of communities.” Kwidini said.

The road project comes after an outcry by traditional leaders that felt that the companies operating in the area were not contributing to local social development.

“We have been pushing for these companies to plough back to the community and we are very thankful that our voices have been heard. We have also engaged the President of the nation to help us in the engagement and we are thankful the amplified voice has been heard,” said chief Nekatambe.

A villager, Cuthbert Dube said the development of a better road was going to help end the clouds of dust being caused by trucks that drive up and down in the area.

The road will also help the area, popularly known as “KwaDiki”, enhance business opportunities for farmers who rely on selling their produce to customers from Hwange and Victoria Falls.

With a proper road, customers will not hesitate to drive to the villages to buy fresh farm produce, and this will also attract public transport operators.
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