Youths urged to take economic challenges as opportunities


Mutare (New Ziana) -Youths throughout the country should stop mourning about the economic challenges facing the country and take them as opportunities to start businesses that grow the economy, a budding entrepreneur has said.

In an interview with New Ziana, Liquid Cargo Africa Petroleum director and co-founder, Dannore Mambondiani said youths should stop blaming the government for the economic meltdown that was being caused by illegal sanctions which some Western countries imposed and seize available opportunities to venture into businesses.

Liquid Cargo Africa is a wholly owned Zimbabwean energy company registered in 2018 and focuses on bulk fuel and water delivery, transport and logistics.

“In the past when Zimbabwe was colonized, sons and daughters of the country did not blame the kings but instead they went to take up arms to rescue the nation,” he said.

“The same applies today. Our nation is under siege from Western imperialists. It is being attacked daily so we need to combine efforts to rescue it and restore it to its former glory,” he said.

Mambondiani urged the youth to unite and support government efforts to development the country in the face of the relentless onslaught by detractors.

“Let us move together and build our nation. The legacy is ours and that is why the President is always calling on youths to be responsible and productive,” he said.

He said returning the country to the colonialists like what some opposition parties are working to achieve would bring more suffering to the youths as they would be exploited and treated like slaves.

“Before independence, there were no black people running fuel businesses. Today, there are multiple black players who have managed to outshine former colonial kingpins. Let us protect and safeguard such legacy and unite in defending it,” said Mambondiani.

He said one person alone cannot solve the challenges facing the country but solutions lay in the affected people who should proffer them for adoption.

Mambondiani, who is vying for the position of secretary for youth affairs in the forthcoming Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee elections, encouraged youths to associate themselves with the ideology of the ruling party and take advantage of the empowerment programs that it offered.

He said young people should direct their energies towards rebuilding the economy so that the vision of the government to attain an upper middle income status by 2030 is achieved.

Instead of sitting and moaning about the economic challenges that they are facing, Mambondiani said youths should take up the different empowerment programs that the government was offering in the various sectors.

An extractive metallurgist by profession, Mambondiani urged young people to move away from the culture of seeking employment and start businesses that will grow the economy through increased production.

“President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa this year tasked the youths to master and participate in the economics of this country as their contribution to the reconstruction and rebuilding of the nation while the elders run the political side,” he said.

New Ziana

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