Health ministry tackles herb usage for Covid-19 treatment


Harare,(New Ziana) – The Ministry of Health said at the weekend it is possible that some traditional herbs can be used to treat Covid-19 although it was yet to be scientifically proven.

With the country having to date recorded over 26 000 infections and 666 deaths as at January 15, the recovery rate currently stands at 59 percent.

The health ministry has said a large majority, of 85 percent, of those infected have recovered in self isolation while at home, with 13 percent having been admitted for less than three days and only two percent needing specialized treatment.

Home remedies have become popular among citizens as both a preventative measure and possible cure.

Traditional doctors have also claimed to have cured Covid-19 patients using herbs such as Moringa and Zumbani, known as the fever tree.

So popular have the herbs become that popular retail shops are now selling them either fresh or dried.

Vice President, Dr Constantito Chiwenga, who is also Health and Child Care Minister, said it was possible the traditional herbs could cure the disease.

“You might be aware that some modern medicines are actually derived from traditional herbs. Yes, it is possible that some traditional medicines can be used to treat Covid-19 however, there is need for scientific researches to be done to ascertain their efficacy,” said Dr Chiwenga.

“The Ministry of Health and Child Care actually operationalized the Traditional Medicines Department, which is pre-occupied with researches in this area.”

Government is however stressing the need for prevention first through use of masks, social distancing and improving hygiene.
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