After infections spike, Kwekwe residents fear Covid-19 more


Kwekwe (New Ziana) – Kwekwe residents have changed their casual attitude towards coronavirus, and were now taking the pandemic seriously.

Until now, residents of the town, like elsewhere in the country, had a casual attitude towards the pandemic, and largely ignored precautions put in place by the government to arrest the spread of the pandemic.

These include social distancing, wearing face masks and staying home.

But now, as statistics of Covid-19 infections and deaths spike around the country, Kwekwe residents have had a re-think about the pandemic.

In many homes in the city, notices have been put on entrances advising visitors not wearing masks to stay away.

“No face mask, No entry. Thank you,” is the common notice posted on gates of residential homes in the city.

This is a clear demonstration that Kwekwe residents were now taking heed of government’s call to strictly abide by its Covid-19 recommendations, the best way to save lives.

“Covid-19 is real. The second wave is more deadly, that is why we decided as family to protect ourselves from Coronavirus by putting the notice on the gate that every visitor, relative or friend must enter (our) premises putting on a face mask.

“We are doing this to protect the visitor and ourselves from the disease. Besides putting face masks, we are even sanitizing all the visitors and encouraging social distancing. So far so good,” said Sekuru Tonderai Moyo of Mbizo 19.

The acting Kwekwe District Coordinating Committee chairperson, Clemence Muduma applauded the move taken by some residents of encouraging visitors to put on face masks.

“It’s good action but at the same time people should not visit each other, rather they should stay at their respective homes to avoid the spread of the disease,” he said.

Muduma said he was worried by overcrowding in some big retail shops and those selling beer from their shops or shebeens, especially in high density suburbs. He said the Covid-19 Implementing Committee headed by the ZRP is now on the ground to address the problem.
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