471 health workers receive Covid-19 insurance payouts


Harare, (New Ziana) – The Health Services Board (HSB) said on Monday it has made Covid-19 liability payouts to 471 infected health workers in the past six months.

This translates to the payment of between US$306 00 and US$471 000 to affected workers to date.

On top of the monthly Covid-19 allowance of US$75 paid to every civil servant, the government in July last year introduced the Covid-19 Employer Liability Insurance.

Under the scheme, which is designed to give immediate cover to the affected members in the case of illnesses or their next of kin in the case of death, a total of the equivalent of US$650 or US$1 000 depending on grade is paid out.

An additional 90 days sick leave on full pay subject to confirmation from a medical board are also granted to affected employees while the government has also pledged to meet any medical aid shortfalls.

HSB chairman, Dr Paulinus Sikosana said health institutions were supposed to give those infected prescribed medicines.

“As of 19 January 2021, the HSB has received and processed 471 claims for cover from members of the Health Service,” Dr Sikosana said.

“All applications have to be accompanied by the laboratory results and the confirmation of Head of Station. This insurance scheme is over and above the various COVID-19 related allowances that have been extended to members of the Health Service.”

As front line personnel, health workers have an increased risk of getting infected.

The workers are constantly appealing to the government to improve provision of protective equipment to minimise risk of infection.

Zimbabwe is battling a surge in Covid-19 infections, which stood at 31 320 cases, 1005 deaths and 22 250 recoveries as at January 24.

New Ziana

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