ZACC probes fake Covid-19 certificates scams, PPE theft


Harare, (New Ziana) – The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) said on Tuesday it is investigating the growing scam of individuals selling fake Covid-19 certificates as well as allegations of theft of personal protective equipment (PPE) for government health institutions.

Sale of fake Covid-19 certificates by either registered or unregistered laboratories has become a get rich quick scheme for some unscrupulous individuals with the police having already busted some rings.

Lancet and Klosad Clinical Diagnostics are two of laboratories that have recently been singled out for alleged involvement in the scam.

Individuals are said to be offering the certificates to those wishing to travel for a cost of between US$20 and US$30, half the price charged by registered labs.

At the end of December, the government had registered a total of 58 laboratories which are government owned, private or run by Non-Governmental Organisations.

ZACC spokesperson, John Makamure said sale of fake certificates was derailing government efforts to curtail the spread of the killer virus.

“A ZACC crack team has been put in place to probe these reports in order to swiftly bring the culprits to book,” he said.

“The Commission would like to strongly warn the perpetrators of this corrupt practice that the long arm of the law will descend heavily on them.”

Makamure said the Commission was aware of reports of culprits who were allegedly stealing PPE donated to government institutions and reselling on the black market.

Health practitioners at mostly government institutions are always up in arms over shortage of PPE which is exposing them to the virus.

“The Commission is closing in on the culprits who are soon going to be arraigned before the courts of law,” said Makamure.
New Ziana

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