Over 21k arrested for flouting Covid-19 regulations


Harare (New Ziana)-At least 21 647 people have been arrested to date for flouting Covid-19 regulations imposed by government to curb the sporadic spread of the virus, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said on Tuesday.

In a weekly national taskforce on Covid-19 briefing, Mutsvangwa reminded citizens that flouting regulations put the offenders and those around them at risk of infection.

“The past week, the cumulative number of countrywide arrests for flouting Covid-19 regulations increased by over 2 000 from 19 188 the previous week to 21 647. Notable offenders include those who violate movement restrictions, gather unlawfully , fail to properly don their masks and operate non-essential businesses.

“Once again, let us be reminded that Covid-19 regulations are there to reduce the risk of infection and flouting them not only puts the offender at risk, but also those around them,” she said.

Mutsvangwa said all citizens must practice Covid-19 preventative measures as part of the ‘collective responsibility of fighting the pandemic’.

“Each time you venture into public spaces unnecessarily, without donning your mask properly, each time you shake hands and each time you venture into crowded spaces you are increasing your risk of infection. Zimbabweans, we have to adapt to a new normal which will minimise this risk,” she said.

The taskforce, which met virtually, also noted a decreasing positivity rate for Covid-19 from the peak in mid- January to the present levels, saying it was a clear indication that the surge in cases was coming to an end.

“However, this should not be seen as reason to throw caution in the wind, but for the nation to vigilantly adhere to Covid-19 protocols,” said Mutsvangwa.

As of 29 January 2021, Zimbabwe’s cumulative Covid-19 cases stood at 32 646, with 24 872 recoveries, 1 178 deaths and a case fatality rate of 3.59 percent.

The recovery rate of Covid-19 patients also stood at 76.1 percent.

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