VP Mohadi speaks on alleged illicit affairs


Harare (New Ziana) – Vice President Kembo Mohadi on Wednesday denied engaging in illicit affairs with married women as alleged in recent unverified phone recordings published by a hostile online publication.

A G40 funded online publication, ZimLive, fronted by Mduduzi Mathuthu a well known ally of bitter former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo who now lives in exile, has been releasing audio recordings allegedly of the VP’s phone calls with several women.

However, a defiant Vice President Mohadi distanced himself from the allegations.

“Following the recent social media hype about my alleged illicit relationship with two married women, I have decided to come open and respond to the allegations being peddled by my detractors. Despite growing impatient because of days of weird character assassinations, I wish to categorically state that the allegations leveled against me are not only false but well choreographed to demean, condescend and soil my image as a national leader and patriot,” he said.

“I wish to clearly state that I am innocent and a victim of political machinations being peddled through hacking and voice cloning.”

VP Mohadi said the alleged phone recordings were engineered.

“I am aware that my right to privacy has been trashed in terms of section 57 subsection (d) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe amendment number 20 of 2013 which reads as follows “every person has the right to privacy which includes the right not to have their private communications infringed,” he said.

“Despite the density of the allegations being leveled against me, I salute the support from fellow citizens, colleagues and comrades who fully grasped the rigid complexities of concocted enemy attacks. It is against this backdrop that I am categorically distancing myself from the imagined immoral unions or behaviour.”

“The camaraderie support given to me during this trying hour is greatly appreciated. That these faceless citizens have blended well networked digital architecture to re-engineer the spaces for political demonization will not dampen my spirit as a tried and tested cadre. I remain a committed leader, father, cadre and servant of this great nation.”

New Ziana

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