Agric workers get 25% wage adjustment


Harare, (New Ziana) – Workers in the agriculture sector will get a 25 percent salary adjustment following an agreement last week between employers and employees to adjust the minimum wage.

The adjustment, which is effective February 1, will see the lowest paid worker being paid $5 750 and highest paid earning $11 356.

“An establishment/employee may apply to the National Employment Council (NEC) within 14 days for an exemption or partial
exemption/review from paying wages as set up in the schedule, stating the reasons why that application must be considered,” the NEC for the agriculture sector said in the agreement reached on February 26.

The wage adjustment put workers in the sector above the poverty datum line as recent figures from the Zimbabwe Statistics Agency show that an individual required a minimum of $5 187 in February to meet their basic needs.

This was an increase from $4 987 in January.

It, however, requires a delicate balancing act for those with families as a standard family of five requires nearly $26 000 a month to meet its basic needs.

The agriculture sector is one of the biggest employers in the country’s agro-based economy.

The NEC for the Agriculture Industry is made up of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Employers Organisation, Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union, Zimbabwe Farmers Union, and Commercial Farmers Union representing the employers.

The General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe and the Horticulture, General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe represent the employees’ side.
New Ziana

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