MDC Alliance says ready for dialogue on reforms


Harare, (New Ziana) – The Nelson Chamisa led opposition Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDCA) said on Tuesday it was ready for dialogue with government, but dismissed suspicions that it primarily aimed to re-establish a government of national unity through the negotiations.

In an address dubbed the Zimbabwe Agenda for 2021, Chamisa said the party, which refused to formally engage government through the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) platform, said it was keen to discuss reforms and the national vision with government.

“This is the sole reason we continue to advocate for political reforms, chief of which the reforms entail the electoral system being changed. Indeed this is the principal reason why we have called for dialogue, not to try and secure a seat around the table in government, no to a government of national unity but yes, to a nation of national unity,” he said.

“So that we have dialogue not to share power, but to share a vision. It is not about finding accommodation in this system.”

Government has said the MDCA was welcome to join Polad and will not entertain any other discussion outside the platform, which includes all the other opposition parties.

Chamisa said the party will this year be pushing five agendas centring on the people, the nation, government, reforms and the globe.

He scoffed at some opposition leaders who have recently defected and joined the ruling Zanu PF party.

“We do not regard those who have left us as losses but as an important shedding of the elements that impede and slow down our democratic struggle,” he said.

“This struggle is not moved by those who have mercenary zeal but by those who have missionary zeal.”

The leaders, who include Lilian Timveous, Tongai Matutu and Blessing Chebundo, said they left the opposition party as it was directionless.

The MDCA leader accused the ruling party of trying to establish a one party state.

“The strategy is to create a controlled opposition, a government controlled opposition under the command politics that has become the hallmark of this establishment. They hope to effectively establish a one party state in all but a name, but we will stop them,” he said, accusing the state of using various means to try and destroy the party.
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