Masisi to launch SADC mission to Mozambique


Harare (New Ziana) – Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi, in his capacity as chair of the Southern African Development Community Organ on Politics, Defence and Security will on Monday officially launch the SADC Standby Force mission in Mozambique.

SADC has agreed to collectively send troops to Mozambique to help it ward off an Islamic rebel insurgency in the north east of the country which has killed hundreds and displaced thousands others in the last two years

In a statement, his office said Masisi will be in Mozambique between Sunday and Monday for the ceremony.

“The President will officiate at the launch of the SADC mission to Mozambique at the city of Pemba, in the Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique on Monday 9th August 2021,” read the statement.

As part of its contribution to the Mozambique campaign, Zimbabwe will contribute a total of 304 non-combat troops which will be engaged in training the Mozambican Armed Forces to “enhance their capability to combat terrorism.”

Other regional countries including Botswana and South Africa have deployed combat troops to Mozambique.

The growing crisis in Mozambique – which festered from 2017 but grabbed international attention in 2020 – has resulted in the deaths of at least 2,800 people and the displacement of about 800,00 others.

The economic and social cost to the country has also been enormous, prompting United Nations agencies to call for swift action to end the conflict.

Over the past three years, the armed insurgents have launched dozens of attacks across Cabo Delgado, most recently pillaging the town of Palma which has led to delays in the implementation of the multi-billion dollar gas projects in that region.
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