Zanu PF begins preps for 2023 elections


Harare (New Ziana) – President Emerson Mnangagwa on Saturday set Zanu PFs 2023 election campaign into motion, urging all party wings to utilise social media and other channels to mobilise for membership and votes to guarantee a massive victory for the party.

Opening the party’s politburo meeting, President Mnangagwa said Zanu PF, which he described as a “mammoth party that cannot be stopped,” was eager to run a successful campaign to secure re-election.

“All leagues of the party must begin to prepare in earnest for the 2023 harmonised general elections,” he said.

“All wings of the party are encouraged to exploit the social media as a contemporary tool for political mobilisation. This must see increased dialogue and debates aimed at popularising our party, its ideals and successes as well as the good policies and programmes of government.

“The positive following and publicity of the party on ICT platforms must ultimately translate into increased membership and party votes in the 2023 election. It is therefore incumbent on the party wings to roll out broader election and voter education programmes across all provinces and districts. We must leave nothing to chance.”

President Mnangagwa said the campaign should also include strategies to lure the urban vote, which has eluded the ruling party in the past elections.

He said strategies would include promoting various development and empowerment programmes and activities across the country.

“The opposition has dismally failed our people in urban areas. All party wings must therefore work extremely hard to ensure that we mobilise the urban vote for a resounding party victory. Our people in urban areas have been short-changed by the opposition parties for too long. Zanu PF will never leave our urban dwellers behind, they too deserve a better of life,” he said in reference to the deplorable service delivery in most urban council that are run by the opposition MDC.

“It is however important for all structures from the Cell/Village upwards to speak loudly about the unprecedented successes that have been scored right from the ward levels there is so much that has been achieved by the second republic that we must publicise.”

President Mnangagwa added; “As we approach the 2023 harmonised elections our electorate must keep alert and never be deceived by individual fantasies and unbridled political ambitions disguised as political wisdom. Proxies and conduits of neo-imperialism Bent on sowing division and disunity among us must be exposed and defeated all the time.”

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa saluted Zimbabweans for their show of unity as the country commemorated the Heroes and Defence Forces Holidays last month.

He said unity was the cornerstone of development.

“This (Politburo) session comes up after our nation held the 41st commemoration of the National Heroes and Zimbabwe Defense Forces Day. It is commendable that the events were widely commemorated by groupings and political actors from across the socio-economic spectrum. This is a reflection of the growing convergence of our politics and the unity and harmony that continues to be cemented among our people.

“As a party, let us embrace and nature this phenomenon for it is such common purpose and togetherness that saw us successfully wage the protracted liberation struggle. It is indeed only when we have peace, unity and love that we can build and develop our country stone upon stone, brick upon brick,” he said.

“Zanu PF remains a revolutionary mass party which will continue to create conditions where democracy and people oriented social and political order thrives. Under the second republic, we are unwavering in our determination to bring about development that leaves no one behind. The Party and its government are thus focussed on and on course to meet expectations we set for ourselves in the party constitution and the 2018 people’s manifesto.”

He added; “Our policy to depend on domestic resources has had very positive results and led to the growth of our economy, without the support of the IMF and World Bank. We have as a government scored unprecedented and rapid successes without their help. For this, we must be proud as a nation and have more confidence in ourselves and our abilities. We must never be distracted by sideshows of our detractors.

“As a party, we are alive to the fact that for this economic development, modernisation and industrialisation to be sustained it is imperative that we remain peaceful, united and work in harmony.”
New Ziana

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