Shava drives re-engagement agenda


Brussels (New Ziana) – Zimbabwe’s re-engagement campaign is continuing with the latest efforts being exerted in Europe, where top government officials met high level European Union (EU) officials on Monday and discussed several issues including potential areas of cooperation.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Frederick Shava is on a re-engagement and engagement crusade across Europe in line with the Second Republic’s thrust to re-engage friends and foes alike to open a new page in relations, and end almost two decades of isolation.
Tweeting on Monday, the Ministry said Shava had met with the European Union Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen in Brussels, Belgium, where the EU is headquartered.
“They discussed Zimbabwe-EU cooperation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, future development assistance under the neighborhood development and international cooperation instrument, COP26, and peace and security in the SADC region among other issues,” the Ministry said.
Zimbabwe and the EU have since entered into formal dialogue to narrow their differences with a view to normalising relations.
Last week, the bloc took a step further in normalizing relations with Zimbabwe after it suspended duty on products originating from the country not exceeding EUR6 000 for exporters registered by the bloc’s system.
The EU has been moving to normalise relations with Zimbabwe since 2014 when it lifted sanctions that it had slapped on the Southern African country in 2002 over political differences relating to land reforms.
The bloc had taken sides with the United Kingdom which was against the compulsory acquisition of prime agricultural land from its minority kith and kin for redistribution to the previously marginalised black majority
The country estimates the sanctions, which the United States still maintains, had cost the economy almost US$100 billion.
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