89 Midlands prison officers conferred with badges

Gweru (New Ziana)-Eighty-nine prison officers throughout the province were this week conferred with badges of ranks to senior officers and were challenged to appreciate the importance of National Development Strategy (NDS1) that seeks to chart the new transformative and inclusive development agenda towards achieving an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

The conferment, which was presided over by the Officer Commanding Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Midlands Province Commissioner Nelson Chikwature on behalf of ZPCS Commissioner-General Moses Chihobvu, follows the promotion of 2067 non commissioned officers and promotion of 1167 senior officers to commissioned ranks.

In a speech read on his behalf, Chihobvu said the promotions were as result of sheer hard work and loyalty.

He said the promotions are not only a show of confidence and acknowledgement of hard work but proof that the ZPCS is an evolving professional institution that makes their work an active career.

“Continue to work hard and inspire your subordinates by exhibiting good leadership qualities and discipline,” he said.

Chihobvu said their elevation comes with increased responsibility, influence and authority that can be able to execute more challenging assignments than before.

“Accordingly, you must lead by example and ensure that there is zero tolerance to indiscipline and laziness so that you earn a model status.

He said the recently promoted officers must have an appreciation and understanding of the real nature of present day undertaking as an organization in line with government programmes that obligates the ZPCS to play its part.

“This is in consistence with the collective aspirations and determination of our nation’s socio-economic aspirations that are riding on the successes of the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (2018-2020) coupled with the inception of the first five year Medium Term Plan National Development Strategy 1 (2021-2025).

“Let us all appreciate the importance of NDS1 that seeks to chart the new transformative and inclusive development agenda towards achieving a prosperous national vision to become an upper middle-income economy by 2030,” he said.

The ZPCS, he said, was expected to make contributions towards national security and development that guarantee improved justice service delivery.

To achieve it’s target, there was need for unity of purpose and oneness in all endeavors, he said.

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