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National fuel electronic management system commissioned


Harare (New Ziana)-President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday commissioned the country’s first national fuel management system, a development expected to curb malpractices in the petroleum industry.
The system was developed and commercialised by Harare Institute of Technology.
Speaking at the launch of the system at Trek Pomona Service Station in the capital, President Mnangagwa said the intervention comes at an opportune time as it coincides with the increasing demand for fuel and energy as a result of the Second Republic’s progressive socio-economic policies and programmes.
“The National Fuel Management System ensures better monitoring and regulation of various aspects of the fuel sub- sector, including fuel procurement; importation; deliveries, sales, storage; general consumption trends and patterns.
“The system will equally help Government in the regulation of national fuel demand and associated fuel resource allocation,” he said.
“In addition, it is also a useful decision making tool, which provide real-time information and the judicious management of fuel resources, from the service station right up to national level,” he added.
At the regional level, said President Mnangagwa, the integrated system will go a long way in engendering seamless transportation of fuel and its passage through ports of entry.
“It further helps validate in- transit fuel tankers passing through our jurisdiction,” he said adding, “This solution must, therefore be quickly and widely rolled out to all stakeholders to enhance greater efficiency, transparency and accountability within the sector.”
The President commended Trek Fuel Limited for being a pioneer of the national fuel management system.
“Riding on the prevailing and favourable stability in the fuel sector, I exhort market players to always pursue business and trade practices within the confines of the law.
“Arbitrage and other unethical behaviours, which are counterproductive, hold back our collective aspirations to keep the economy fueled, oiled and energised.
“All other players in the sub sector must take a leaf from Trek and equally support this and other modernisation and industrialisation programmes instituted by Government,” he said.
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