ED touts re-structuring as panacea to stronger party


Bindura (New Ziana) – Efforts to re-structure the ruling Zanu PF party through ongoing internal processes should be embraced by all as they are aimed at rejuvenating and strengthening it, President Emerson Mnangagwa has said.
The party is in the midst of conducting elections for its lower branches in the build up to the elective congress next year and has also embarked on a massive recruitment drive for new members.
Acting party spokesperson, Mike Bimha on Thursday said the ongoing restructuring exercise had revealed that the party’s membership had breached the 4 million mark.
Praising the ongoing process, President Emerson Mnangagwa said Zanu PF should emerge stronger after the restructuring exercise.
“The restructuring exercise to rejuvenate and modernise the party is underway. I congratulate all structures for embarking on this very important exercise and I urge you to finalise all outstanding processes,” he said.
Doing this, he said, “Will enhance unity within the party and accelerate the implementation of party policies and programmes.”
President Mnangagwa renewed his calls for unity within Zanu PF highlighting that the party’s laws and regulations would be used to punish members who acted against the party.
“It is however regrettable that a few members lack discipline, promote disunity and exhibit unbridled ambitions, this behaviour is alien to Zanu PF and must stop forthwith,” he said.
“As loyal and disciplined members we should always abide by the rules and procedures and regulations of our party. Relatedly, tribalism, regionalism, chicanery and corruption have no place in our colossal revolutionary party Zanu PF.”
New Ziana

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