VP Chiwenga warns malcontents within Zanu PF


Bindura (New Ziana) – Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Rtd) on Friday warned ruling Zanu PF party members from working against the party through divisive politics.
He said this while giving a vote of thanks after the opening speech by President Emerson Mnangagwa on the opening day of the Zanu PF annual national people’s conference.
He said Zanu PF had no room for ill disciplined members.
“This is not the time for unproductive conspiracies, machinations and mud-slinging. Surely those that still believe in divisive shenanigans for their selfish political gains should be advised to re-orient their moral and political compasses,” he said.
“Equally, those that allow the devil to work through them and hallucinate towards fathoming the dislodging of Zanu PF from power will only have themselves to blame as they will be left by the wayside.”
Vice President Chiwenga said Zanu PF should maintain its status as a civilised party which shuns the use of violence and other retrogressive means of selfish political aggrandisement.
“The politically punishing acts witnessed recently at the district and provincial levels of our party should stop forthwith,” he said in reference to isolated skirmishes witnessed during the ongoing restructuring exercise.
“An election should always produce winners and losers however today’s losers maybe tomorrow’s winners let us all love one another and coexist in peace as brothers and sisters.”
VP Chiwenga urged party members to remain resolute in the face of enemy machinations.
“This is the time for self and corrective introspection, the whole is better than its individual part. It stands to reason that we are stronger in unity than as fragmented individual members of the party Zanu PF. Our strengths should be guided by the combined strength of each one of us just like the chain is as strong as its weakest link,” he said.
“As a party of choice and certainly one for the future, we cannot afford to sit back and hope that the party will self regulate or self rejuvenate. That is a suicidal fallacy which should not be allowed to stand in the structural and institutional framework of the party.
“We should remain vigilant and alive to all machinations that are bent on derailing our resolve to propel our party, the government and our country to the Zimbabwe that we all fought for, the Zimbabwe that we all continue to defend with our own sweat and blood and fundamentally the Zimbabwe that we wish to bequeath to the future generations.”
Vice President Chiwenga urged the conference to debate on pertinent issues including ways to revive the economy and to advance the re-engagement agenda.
“It is important that our deliberations consolidate the concept of engagement and re-engagement so that we continue on the path of creating more friends than enemies both on domestic and international fronts,” he said.
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