Zanu PF conference ends


Bindura (New Ziana) – The 19th national people’s conference of the ruling Zanu PF party came to a close on Saturday, with its first secretary and President Emerson Mnangagwa rallying his troops towards ensuring the party’s continued dominance on the country’s political landscape.
The conference, the first ever held under a hybrid format because of the COVID-19 pandemic, deliberated on several pertinent party and national issues.
Only a few delegates attended physically while others attended virtually as the party demonstrated its ability to move with the times and conduct its activities in the new normal.
In his closing remarks, President Mnangagwa said the conference resolutions would inform government policy.
“The resolutions will shape government policy sector by sector and indeed the national budget and in keeping with the results oriented culture of the Second Republic, the resolutions must be actioned as we continue growing and modernising the economy towards vision 2030,” he said.
“We go back home to fellow comrades in our communities, reinvigorated and united. We have renewed vigour and focus to achieve our political, socio and economic and technological targets. I call upon us all to take back to those at home the message of hope and assurance that the party is indeed alive and kicking and united and the party is on the move.
“Share the good news that Zanu PF is unstoppable and unwavering in its commitment to fulfil their aspirations. Our colossal revolutionary mass party, Zanu PF, will indeed support endeavours of our people across all sectors of the economy.”
President Mnangagwa added; “The party will be with you in your field, the party will be with you in the mines, and the party will be with you in the factories. The party will be with you in lecture rooms at universities and colleges and in schools as we build our beloved mother country Zimbabwe, brick upon brick, stone upon stone.”
He said Zanu PF would push through its development agenda which was premised on production, productivity and hard honest work.
“We are a rejuvenated party and nation on an irreversible course to improve the quality of life of our people. Development under Zanu PF will continue to leave no one and no place behind in particular those in urban areas where residents have been abused and neglected by corrupt and incompetent opposition led councils. Our people deserve better and their time has now come to go and Zanu PF will take over,” he said.
Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa informed the conference of his impending visit to Glasgow Scotland for a global summit on climate change.
He said; “Tomorrow (Sunday) morning I travel to Glasgow, the United Kingdom. Over two decades have passed without Zimbabwean leadership going to the United Kingdom. I was invited by Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) and he has indicated he might meet me in Glasgow, one on one, as well as other leaders like the Prime Minister of India and others we will be meeting them (between) Monday and Tuesday.”
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