Woodlands killer dies in Gweru court cells


Gweru (New Ziana) -The 38 year-old Woodlands man who allegedly butchered his wife and two children on Tuesday, following a suspected domestic dispute, died Thursday morning at Gweru Magistrates Court cells while he was waiting for his hearing.
Midlands provincial prosecutor Samuel Pedzisayi confirmed the death of Leo Kanyimo of Woodlands Phase 1.
Pedzisayi said the prosecution team had earlier seen him for the purpose of preparing a court record when he was brought to court.
He said Kanyimo had looked calm and did not exhibit any discomfort or illness.
“He did not look as if he needed medical attention or had any ailment which required examination. We are also told that he had been seen by a doctor while in police cells,” he said.
“We were later told that he had collapsed and died while in prison cells here at the court.”
Pedzisayi said Kanyimo’s body had been taken to Gweru General Hospital for a post mortem.
Zimbabwe Republic Police Provincial spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said they were still compiling a report on the matter.
Kanyimo made headlines this week when he allegedly murdered his wife Chipo Shava (30), and his two minor children Innocent Kanyimo (6) and Tadisa Kanyimo who was 11 months old.
The incident happened after he had been incensed by his wife who had bought snacks (Jiggies) with money meant for tomatoes.
A bloody wooden hoe handle and a kitchen knife were discovered at the scene of the crime.
According to police papers, at around 1430 hours on the fateful day, Naison Matavire (42) a neighbor of the deceased family, heard noise coming from Kanyimo’s home.
Matavire with the assistance Muzuva Madziva (48), went to the Kanyimo home, peeped through the bedroom window and discovered that Shava was lying on the bed while Innocent was already dead on the floor.
Matavire entered the house through the broken window and further noticed that another child aged five, was lying unconsciously on the floor but alive and with no visible injuries.
“He lifted him up and the boy gained consciousness and left him at house number 628 Woodlands Phase 1, Gweru with one Barbra Tigere (53) who volunteered to keep the child,” read the police statement.
Madziva contacted the police who were in the vicinity and Kanyimo who seemed to be suffering from a mental disorder, was taken to ZRP Nehanda where he was detained.
The three bodies were taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital.
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