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Polad gives thumbs-up to civil servants’ USD 13th cheque


Gweru (New Ziana)- Coalition of Democrats (CODE) Leader and Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) economic thematic committee chairperson, Trust Chikohora says the payment of civil servants bonuses in US dollars is a welcome move.

Chikohora said the move will result in ordinary citizens benefiting.

The Government announced last week that the civil servants’ 13th cheque will be paid in United States dollars to cushion workers and pensioners.

Chikohora said the payment of bonuses in US Dollars will bring cheer to the civil servants.

“I think the payment of civil servants bonuses in USD is a welcome move in fact it is just implementation of the policy that was pronounced by the RBZ of allowing individuals to get US$50 dollars a week at the official rate so that the benefits of the auction system can also trickle down to the man on the street, so for me it is a welcome relief.”

He added that civil savants have been working hard throughout the year under difficult circumstances.

“I am sure the civil servants will be able to buy their goods for the festive season using the US dollars because the multiple currencies are in use and you can be able to buy in US dollars at stable prices. So, it is a very welcome move which should help civil servants especially during this festive season.”

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) had requested the government to pay civil servants their 2021 13th cheque in US dollars to “rescue teachers from incapacitation and poverty”.

The government said the payment of bonuses to civil servants and pensioners in foreign currency, will be deposited into nostro accounts.

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube, said they decided to make the payments in foreign currency owing to the inflation caused by the foreign currency parallel market which has seen an increase in prices of goods and services.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has also put his weight behind the paying of this year’s bonus in US dollars.

The Times- New Ziana