President Mnangagwa commends hardworking local authorities


Gweru (New Ziana) – President Emerson Mnangagwa has commended “hard-working and honest” local authorities which are effectively utilising Devolution Funds to improve service delivery in their jurisdictions.
The government is availing devolution funds as part of efforts to empower local communities to spearhead their own development priorities.
Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has budgeted $45.5 billion for devolution projects in 2022, up from $19.5 billion this year.
Speaking while commissioning the revamped Kudzanai Bus Terminus in Gweru, Midlands province, President Mnangagwa said the project was another fruit of the devolution programme being pushed by government.
“To date, I am encouraged by the progress registered by hard working and honest Local authorities as a result of the Devolution Funds availed by my Administration. It is commendable that the City of Gweru has revamped its water pumping infrastructure at Gwenhoro Water Works, procured plant and machinery as well as repaired street lighting infrastructure using these resources. More must continue to be done towards delivering quality services and social amenities for our people,” he said.
“In utilising these resources, local authorities are urged to focus on transport and related infrastructure: education, health, electricity and social amenities, as well as water and sanitation projects.
“I, further, exhort local authorities to make deliberate efforts to involve a broader cross section of communities in the prioritisation of projects within specific localities. The devolution funds are here to stay; accordingly local authorities must ensure prudent, effective and timely use of these. There is now no excuse for non-performance.”
President Mnangagwa reminded residents to ensure that they voted for competent and development oriented representatives into Council and Parliament.
He said this would ensure development at all levels.
“My government remains concerned with those local authorities who have consistently failed on their mandate of delivering quality basic services and social amenities. I, thus, urge our people to ride on the forthcoming 2022 by-elections and 2023 Harmonised General Elections to vote in councillors and Members of Parliament with integrity and the people at heart, to guarantee the delivery of a better quality of life for our communities,” he said.
“The success story that we are witnessing today is a reflection of the kind of milestones that can be realised if, as a people, we are innovative, united, peaceful and focused towards building our communities and great country.
“I call upon other communities and institutions to take a leaf from this initiative and also seek creative ways to transform the socio- economic environment of their communities. We all have a responsibility to play towards building our great country. No act or project is too small or too insignificant; brick by brick, stone upon stone let us arise and build our motherland, in line with Vision 2030.”
Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa said the refurbishment of the bus terminus was part of efforts to modernise transport infrastructure across the country.
The modernisation of Kudzanai Bus Terminus, at a total cost of US$1.6 million, included revamping its vending stalls, access roads, parking bays and ablution facilities.
He said modern infrastructure was essential for increased production and overall economic competitiveness and further opens up economic opportunities for communities.
He said the refurbished Bus Terminus was also now providing improved working space for over 500 vendors, while more vending stalls would be constructed under Phase II of the project.
“I applaud the unity of purpose and team work which saw the successful refurbishment of this Kudzanai Bus Terminus through a Public-Private-Partnership. Bentach Private Ltd invested a total of US$1.6 million towards the refurbishment and upgrading of the facility, while the City of Gweru availed the land and necessary approvals. Such win-win partnerships should be seen throughout the various sectors of the economy.
“I, therefore, invite private sector players to come on board and enter into similar arrangements with government and local authorities to upgrade and spruce up our national infrastructure and social amenities. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and only Zimbabweans can build the Zimbabwe we all want.”
President Mnangagwa added; “Opaque and cumbersome processes are not part of the working or organisational culture of the Second Republic. Innovative and enabling systems, which facilitate our people to succeed and our country to prosper, must remain our collective priority. These must see the establishment of new industries in both rural and urban areas, while creating more employment and broad-based empowerment opportunities, especially for the youth, women and people with disabilities.”
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