Foreign investor impressed by Zim investment climate

Harare (New Ziana) – The Second Republic’s open for business mantra is sincere and its pro investment policies enable investors to easily set up shop in Zimbabwe, a highly impressed investor has said.
Lithuanian company Garsų Pasaulis, which has partnered the Zimbabwe government to introduce an e-passport production facility, testified to this.
Its chairman, Emmanuel Cato revealed at the launch of the facility that it had only taken his company six months from the time the partnership was agreed with the government to the consummation of the first phase of the project.
He said this was testament of Zimbabwe’s renewed thrust on fostering foreign investment on a win-win basis.
“Your Excellence, in closing allow me to thank you once again for making it easy for us to invest in Zimbabwe. Your clarion call for any business to partner with the Government of Zimbabwe is sincere and we bear testimony to this,” he said.
“You are true to your word and you embraced our ideas from inception up until today when this project has fully manifested into one of the most transformative projects that you have spearheaded.”
Garsų Pasaulis is a Lithuanian based company which focuses on providing electronic security on identity and travel documents as well as sensitive documents.
Cato committed to work with Zimbabwe in order to fulfil its development aspirations.
“We are fully aware of your expectations from this project. We will continuously research on how best we can offer the desired convenience to the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa commended the fruitful partnership between the government and the private sector.
“This is a clear demonstration that the public and the private sector can foster win-win partnerships for national development. Therefore, urge other investors as well as Ministries, Departments and Agencies to follow suit and respond positively to the call for enhanced service delivery as enshrined under the NDS-1,” he said.
As part of efforts to improve the country’s ease of doing business, the Second Republic repealed the controversial indigenisation laws which had been cited as a major hindrance to attracting FDI.
The government also set up the Zimbabwe Investment Development Authority which has streamlined investment registration processes and also set up Special Economic Zones which offer several incentives for investors.
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