Midlands police urges public to be cautious


Gweru (The Times-New Ziana) -Police in the Midlands Province has urged the public to be
cautious and guard against crime during the festive season.

Speaking in his Christmas message, Midlands provincial
police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the public should guard against criminal activities.
Insp. Mahoko reminded motorists to stay within the law.

“Drivers are reminded to adhere to all Road Traffic rules and
regulations so as to promote safety,” he said.

“Be sure that your motor vehicle is in a perfect mechanical condition before embarking on journeys.

“Observe prescribed speed limits at all times and travel on time to avoid last minute rushes. Speed thrills but kills.”

The provincial police spokesperson said people who have no transport of
their own should look for authorised transport like buses.

“Use of private motor vehicles commonly known as ‘Mushika-shika exposes you to robbers.”
Insp. Mahoko urged the public never to leave their homes or valuables unattended.

“Always leave a trusted person in charge of your property. If you have to leave even for brief moments, always secure your houses by closing
all windows, locking doors and screens or burglar bars. Never leave valuables outside,” he said.

So as to avoid crimes like murder, assaults and sexual offences, Insp. Mahoko advised the public not to overdo certain things during
celebrations or getting drunk to an extent of not knowing what will behappening.

“When wronged, always look for solutions through dialogue. Fights or violence will not solve issues.

“Young children and girls must always be in custody of trusted people- especially ladies for young girls,” he said.

Insp. Mahoko said people should avoid travelling alone at night or using dark allies and short cuts.

“This helps in preventing you from falling prey to robbers. Act responsibly, there is life after Christmas.”

He said the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Midlands province, wishes residents in the province and those passing through a safe and crime
free festive season.

“Let’s all play a part in ensuring a safe season, in line with an old saying, which says ‘The fight against crime is everyone’s responsibility’.”

New Ziana

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