ED praises front-line workers


Harare (New Ziana) – As another Covid-19 plagued year comes to an end, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has paid special homage to Zimbabwe’s health workers for their sterling efforts to minimise pandemic related damage.
Despite its financial and human capital limitations, Zimbabwe has been able to fairly manage the pandemic, through a highly impressive vaccination programme, a disciplined populace and a dedicated health workforce.
In light of this, President Mnangagwa commended the health workers for their efforts.
“I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our front-line workers, including physicians, nurses and other health personnel, for going the extra mile to ensure that our people remain safe from the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said in a New Year message to Zimbabweans.
“Special mention also goes to all the friendly nations who availed vaccines and consumables to complement our efforts. Together with your positive response to the health measures, we have been able to contain the pandemic and limit the loss of lives.”
President Mnangagwa also commended teachers and the country’s security services for ably discharging their various duties under the difficult Covid-19 period.
“Our education sector personnel and parents also did a splendid job, which made sure that school children continue getting the education they so desperately deserve. My Government is committed to guaranteeing access to reading materials and online learning platforms so that education is accessible to all,” he said.
“I commend the security services sector for their patriotism and bravery in tackling crime and ensuring that our communities remain safe. For those isolated incidences of crime, the perpetrators are being accounted for. In order to flush out bad apples, I exhort communities to increase their cooperation with our law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.”
However, President Mnangagwa deplored the behaviour of a few bad apples.
“It is, however, disheartening to note that there are some amongst us who have now begun to lower their guard, especially during this festive season. I, therefore, urge you to continue abiding by the health measures instituted by my government from time to time, masking up, sanitising and maintaining social distance. To those who have not yet been vaccinated, please go out in your numbers and get vaccinated. You can only be safe when we are all safe.”
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