ED urges companies, local councils to embrace clean up campaign


Kwekwe (New Ziana) – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday implored companies and local councils resisting the government’s environmental clean-up campaign to embrace the initiative voluntarily, or risk being forced to do so.
The government launched the campaign, where workers clean-up environments around work places, a few years ago to promote general cleanliness, and to combat diseases such as cholera caused by dirt.
President Mnangagwa has personally led the campaign in government, and physically cleaned up many places around the country.
Speaking after taking part in such a clean-up exercise here on Friday, he expressed disappointment that some companies and local councils were resisting the initiative.
He warned these to either voluntarily embrace the clean up campaign, or risk being compelled to do so.
The clean up is penciled once a month on the first Friday.
“Some companies are doing it, to those which have not embraced the programme should not provoke me to force you to clean the environment,” President Mnangagwa warned.
He said clean environments, in addition to preventing diseases, and other health problems, also helped to attract investment, a compelling reason cities and local councils should all embrace the campaign.
“To this end, it is integral that our country quickly adapts to best waste management practices such as waste separation and segregation at home and work among other sectors. I call upon our people in cities, towns, growth points, rural business centres and villages to scale up their participation in this initiative,” said President Mnangagwa.
He said the government will continue to coordinate outcomes of the national clean up programmes so that it becomes an avenue to accelerate promotion of recycling initiatives in line with the National Development Strategy.
President Mnangagwa appealed for investment in the recycling industry, which is in its formative stages in the country.
He urged local councils to provide residents with access to best infrastructure such as refuse bins and establishment of waste management sites.
“The current status quo whereby refuse and waste within communities and business premises go uncollected for months is not acceptable and is equally disturbing…” he said.
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