Kwekwe embraces smart cities concept


Kwekwe (New Ziana)-The Kwekwe City Council has embraced the smart cities concept with local investors building new infrastructure in the Central Business District in areas which had become dumping sites.
The city has also implemented the Urban Regeneration Concept, whereby public bars have been converted into health facilities in line with Vision 2030.
Speaking at the first 2022 clean up campaign in Kwekwe, which was led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the city’s acting Town Clerk Dr. Lucia Mkandhla said they will work hand in glove with the Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry in implementing the smart cities concept.
“We want to assure you (President Mnangagwa) that from now onwards, we will forge ahead with the smart cities concept with the help of the Environment Ministry, we will also include ICT to achieve our goals.”
Most areas where buildings are sprouting up, she said, used to be dumpsites up until the local authority threatened to repossess the land from the owners.
“If you move around, there is development taking place in every corner of the city, there is an upcoming building, its development and investment taking place courtesy of our local investors who are playing a critical role in contributing towards to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
Dr. Mkandhla said under the Urban Regeneration Concept, they have converted bars into health facilities, with Garandichauya Beerhall in Mbizo now an Infectious Diseases Hospital.
Kwekwe City Council has also hailed its smart partnership with the small to medium enterprises and vendors association.
“SMEs and vendors association are playing a crucial role in the development of Kwekwe’s economy. As of now, there is no market stall holder without an account with the council. This has improved our revenue collection,” said the acting Town Clerk.
Dr. Mkandhla said the Covid-19 induced lockdown came as a blessing as the local authority managed to clean the city through support from captains of industry and small scale miners who unveiled their plant and equipment to the tune of US$2.3 million.
She said Kwekwe through support from the Budget Committee, is managing to meet the minimum standards of service delivery.
“As we speak, our salaries are current. As we speak, Kwekwe City is up to date with audited accounts. It is through the good partnership we have with the community,” said Dr. Mkandhla.
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