Chirumanzu grand father, grandson drown


Chirumanzu (The Times-New Ziana) – A 71-year old Chirumanzu grand father and his 10-year-old grandson drowned in a local pond, police said on Tuesday.
In a similar, but separate incident, a four-year-old girl also drowned in a dish in Lower Gweru, police said.
Midlands police spokesperson, Emmanuel Mahoko said Amos Everisto (71) of Toindepi village in Chirumanzu, went to a local pond to swim, accompanied by his two grandsons Amos Tafadzwa Mukashi (10) and Simbarashe Mukashi (7).
“On arrival, Everisto and Tafadzwa dived into the pond and drowned. On realizing that the two had drowned Simbarashe rushed back home and informed his mother Monica Maputa who together with other villagers rushed to the pond and found the bodies of the two floating,” he said.
The matter was reported to the police and the bodies were taken to St Theresa Hospital where they are awaiting post mortem.
In another similar incident, Mahoko said a four-year old girl drowned in a dish in Lower Gweru after her mother left her bathing.
“Mavis Moyo left her four-year-old daughter playing with other children in the yard while proceeding to the fields to call her parents who were working for breakfast. On return she found the body of her daughter Thandeka Moyo floating in a dish with water,” he said.
“We would like to warn the public not to venture into water bodies like streams, rivers and dams for whatever reason especially during the rain season,” Mahoko said.
He added that children should always be left in the company of mature people, and all water containers should be securely closed for their safety.
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