Midlands police enlists chiefs to enhance policing

Gweru (The Times-New Ziana) – Midlands police said on Tuesday it will engage all 46 traditional chiefs in the province to enlist their help to enhance policing in the region.
The main objective of the initiative, police said, was to develop greater involvement of the public in policing their communities.
Provincial police spokesperson, Emmanuel Mahoko said the Provincial Development Co-ordinator’s office was involved in the initiative.
“All community leaders and other respected people in society are being approached to help in rendering their wisdom and support in eradicating all forms of criminality in their communities,” he said.
He said police in Midlands aimed to bring crime levels down, thereby contribute to the country’s development.
High crime levels, he said, was a drag on development.
“Crime affects and deters investors.
“We call upon everyone to join hands in riding our communities and the nation at large of crimes of robbery, murder, unlawful entry and theft, therefore all people suspected to be committing crimes must be reported to the police,” he said.
The first meeting was held on Monday in Silobela for people under Chief Gobo and Chief Ruya.
New Ziana

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