Binga police launch drowning awareness campaign


Binga (New Ziana) – Binga police on Wednesday launched a community awareness campaign to dissuade the public from crossing flooded rivers following a spat of drownings in the region.

Over 20 people drowned in Matabeleland North Province last year and in the current rain season, the latest a seven-year old child last week.

Provincial police spokeswoman, Glory Banda urged the public, especially children, to refrain from attempting to cross flooded rivers.

She said the awareness campaign also targeted warning parents and guardians against allowing children to play in, or loiter near, water bodies.

“Last year, we lost more than 20 people to drowning. We don’t want a repeat of what happened last year,” she said.

Banda said the campaign was also warning the public against rescue attempts of drowning victims; instead educating them on the existence of, and need to call in, the police sub aqua unit in such cases.

“The public is advised to work with the Sub Aqua Unit, other than rescuing victims of drowning accidents. The Sub Aqua Unit also offers training in survival techniques so that in the event of drowning, someone can do something to rescue themselves from drowning, but the lessons can only be offered on arrangement,” she said.

New Ziana

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